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     As a company that favors and promotes all things having to do with Aquatics, Bikinis, Health & Fitness, Outdoors and Beauty Products… we would certainly be remiss if we did not have Sexy Bikini Contests.

     We also understand MANY people search the internet every day looking to view photos and videos of pretty, beautiful, sexy women (whether pornographic or not).  According to Google, more than one-hundred-million people search the internet looking for images of pretty, beautiful and sexy women EVERY MONTH.

     Our philosophy is a simple one that is predicated upon the reality that everyone appreciates, admires, enjoys and desires a beautiful sexy human body.

     We believe the Creator created beautiful people to be… well, beautiful people.  A pretty, beautiful, sexy woman was created to be pretty, beautiful and sexy.  And all normal people appreciate and enjoy that reality.

     So whenever we do our beach photography shoots we employ women who are uniquely pretty, beautiful and sexy.  And we endeavor to capture those women on the beach in ways that are extremely seductive, erotic, sexy and appealing.  As a result most of our photos are too risqué to be used on our ordinary sales pages.  So we compile all of our sexy beachwear photos on separate pages that are intended to let interested persons access them for a small premium.  We use those funds to defray our expenses and pay our models.  So the more people who access our sexy beach photos, the more money we have to pay new models and the more new and different models we can add to our pages.

     Plus, we use those funds to reward our models.  Every year we choose one BeachWearBabe of the Month to receive a cash prize.  Our BeachWearBabe of the Year!

     For every model we photograph we end up with over 500 photos and videos clips of a pretty, beautiful, sexy woman in a wide variety of very sexy positions on the beach, in the woods, or in some other outdoor setting being seductive, sensual, erotic and sexy for the camera.  We make them available as a premium BONUS.

     *Our sexy photo shoots and Sexy Bikini Contests are not pornographic.  They do not include any explicit sexual nudity or sex acts.  But they do include very sexy women in G-Strings and Thongs (and sometimes topless) in sexy and seductive positions on the beach.  Our aim is to highlight, magnify and celebrate  the Sexy, Sensual, Erotic and Provocative qualities that certain Pretty, Beautiful, Sexy women possess.  (See Footnote Below!!!)
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     *NOTE: As a BONUS we include any links we may have to their other sites and videos if and when applicable.  Our primary interests are in highlighting, magnifying and celebrating the sexy, seductive, erotic and provocative qualities our models possess while shooting for us on the beach.  However, shall we say: "Trust Us... We Are Continually Making It Well Worth Your Small One-Time Payment!"  (BONUS Videos Included!!!)  (Making It Well Worth Your Payment Is An Understatement)
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